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Round The Clock Skincare

Now that we’re slowly coming out of quarantine mode, we all will have less time on our hands again to dedicate to our skincare routine. Here’s some quick ideas on how best to treat our skin at different times of the day.

Defend in the Am

Repair in the Pm

Daytime Routine

A daytime routine is all about defence, protection & preservation for the day ahead. To be honest, now that we’re going back into normal working and school life, ain’t nobody got time to be undertaking no long 12-step morning skincare routine.

1. Oil Based Cleanse - If you’re using oil-based products at night, an oil cleanse in the morning is an absolute must to effectively lift away those products and whatever they have brought to the skin’s surface overnight.

2. Water Based Cleanse - A low-PH water-based cleanser in your morning skincare routine helps to properly deep clean without causing redness that is hard to calm before makeup application.

3. Tone - Toner is the first barrier product you apply – good toner balances your skin’s PH, and is intended to hydrate.

4. Serum - an antioxidant-rich serum. Your face is up against a lot of agents that wish to do it harm throughout the day: exhaust fumes from vehicles, your dirty phone screen, polluted air, etc. Serums see to it that none of those stressors live eternally as fine lines between your eyebrows.

5. Moisturise - There is no such thing as skin that is too hydrated.

6. Prime (Optional) - Primer is equal parts skincare and makeup. Primer not only allows for a more flawless application of foundation, but it is the last barrier of protection for your skin.

Night-time Routine

A night-time routine is all about repairing the damage done to our skin during our day. I know when we’re tired & the only thing we want to do is climb into bed, the last thing on our minds is to be messing around with skincare routines. That said the simplest consistent night-time routine will have your skin looking brighter & clearer in the morning, helping to ensure we maintain beautiful healthy, clear skin.

1. Cleanse – This is probably the most important step. Wash off your makeup and all the dirt and grime that our face has picked up throughout the day. You don’t have to wait till bedtime to do this bit either. The earlier you do it, the longer your skin has to repair & breathe naturally.

2. Moisturise – Skin loses the most amount of water at night, so by not moisturising skin ends up looking dull and tired. Slather on that moisturiser, in order to lock in & retain as much moisture as possible.


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