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Sexy Love Day Skincare Tips

In our opinion, the best thing to pair with your Valentine / Galentine outfit is flawless-looking sexy skin. So with love day right around the corner, we’re sharing helpful tips on how to get your skin in tip-top shape. Whether you’re planning on having a date night with your significant other or celebrating with your galentines, or having a day to love on and appreciate you & how amazing you are, we’ve got some tips below to get your skin sexy and glowing for the special day.

The first thing to remember is what we put into our bodies, will ultimately show up on our skin. So in the weeks leading up to Love Day, eat a more healthy and balanced diet. Less sugary, fried and fatty foods. Instead consume more proteins, grains, fruits and veg and drinking lots and lots more water. You can make up for giving up the fizz and alcohol for a few weeks on the day itself with a cheeky few glasses of prosecco or whatever your tipple of choice is.

Now that we’re taking care of our inside, time to look at what we can do on the outside. Since blemishes won’t just disappear overnight, the best thing is to be proactive to help keep them at bay before the main day. Prevention is better than cure, so make sure to regularly cleansing your skin with a cleanser to help remove pore-clogging dirt, impurities, dead skin cells and excess oil.

Another great way to target skin issues is to give yourself an intensive treatment in the form of a face mask. Choose one based on your top skin concern, be it clogged pores or dullness.

Exfoliate your lips the night before a special night with a gentle lip scrub. Removing these dead skin cells will not only help target chapped lips, but will also improve the look and application of lipstick if you choose to wear one. Just don’t forget to hydrate your lips with your favourite lip balm, salve, or conditioner after exfoliating.

Properly cleansing and hydrating your skin will help give you a flawless canvas for makeup. After cleansing, use a nourishing moisturiser that also serves as a primer for your makeup.

Then if you wish to, you can be as bold and as daring / dramatic with your make-up as you wish to. Alternatively you may prefer a more natural, subtle & subdued make-up look. Whichever you choose, enjoy your love day with your sexy glowing skin.


"Give Yourself a Botanical Kiss from Butterflyy Bliss"


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