You only need a little drop of our body tingling massage oil to awaken your whole body. 


Keep that tight, supple, firm youthful skin, with this massage oil.  It will awaken the senses and improve skin's elasticity naturally. This body oil also rehydrates, soothes and protects the skin, with its multiple antibacterial & antioxidant properties.  


Your body will get a complete rejuvenation & leave you feeling silky soft.

  • Protects & rehydrates
  • Anti-Wrinkle
  • Soothes & calms


Ingredients:  Argan oil, Sesame oil, Avocado oil, Sandalwood essential oil, Ginger essential oil, Black Pepper essential oil, Roman Chamomile essential oil


Ginger Wood Massage Oil

  • Our body tingling massage oil will awaken your whole body.  This massage oil rehydrates, soothes and protects the whole skin.  The multiple antibacterial & antioxidant properties will give your skin a complete rejuvenation & leave it feeling silky soft.


    (Suitable for all skin types)

    Argan oil (protects & hydrates), Sesame oil (antioxidant & antibacterial), Avocado oil (anti-wrinkle), Sandalwood essential oil (rehydrates), Ginger essential oil (improves elasticity & antioxidants), Black Pepper essential oil (antibacterial), Roman Chamomile essential oil (soothes & calms)