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Spring Skincare Tips

After months of rain, wind, and freezing temperatures, some semblance of spring is finally on the horizon. Winter has left the building (well, almost), taking with it our dreary moods and dry, itchy skin. While we’ve spent the first part of the year slathering our skin in thicker moisturisers, serums, balms & oils, locked in our homes with central heating, which comes with it’s own issues for our skin, warmer air and increased humidity mean our skin is about to be in for a shock. How, then, to prepare for sunnier days ahead?

The key is to swap our heavier moisturisers for something lighter.

Our skin tends to hold more water in the spring and summer, so we won’t need as much protection. So, get ready for lighter skincare routines. Heavy, rich moisturisers can be replaced with lighter creams, serums and oils to suit the milder weather, and comforting cleansers can be put aside for fresher and more revitalising products.

The next step is exfoliation. Contrary to what may be believed, we actually need to exfoliate when our skin is extra dry. Getting rid of dead skin cells & unblocking pores with a gentle exfoliating cleanser will assist skin in getting a nice healthy glow.

Quite possibly the most important part of spring skincare tips, is spring-cleaning. Throw out anything over six months old. Old products can host a build-up of bacteria, leading to clogged pores and dull skin. Also washing makeup brushes at least once a week, as these too can store, unwanted germs.

These simple things can have a huge impact on the overall health of our skin.


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