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We think our products are great, but don't just take our word for it, hear what our fabulous Butterflyy Bliss beauties have to say for themselves;

This Vanilla Spice Scrub smells so yummy, its good enough to eat.  Great for getting rid of dead skin cells & rejuvenating dull winter skin.  Butterflyy Bliss Vanilla Spice Scrub is the ultimate treat.  Suitable for all skin types, it conditions & smooths skin & is a great product for glowing skin before a night out. - Collectiv Beauty (Read the full review here -

I applied the Coconut Sugar Scrub which consists of desiccated coconut & brown sugar & coconut oil.  I found my skin to be super smooth and hydrated afterwards.  I put this down to the mixture of water and coconut oil hydrating and then locking the moisture in.  - Rhianna Beau (Read the full review here -

Great products and value for money not to mention their exceptional customer service! - Marina

I bought the traditional body butter and the coconut sugar scrub, both products smells amazing and feels great in the skin. The body butter leaves your skin feeling silky smooth.
I would definitely recommend them
. - Annakay

Butterflyy bliss products are amazing! I was so pleased with what i purchased. The body cream makes your skin feel absolutely fresh, moist and lovely as if you have your baby skin back. The body scrub leaves your skin glowing and feeling so soft and smooth, it smells really good too. I would definitely recommend it to all my friends, family and everyone!!! - Loretta

Amazing products! I could almost eat it up! It felt delicious on my skin! The body butter is divinely silky and the sugar scrub left my skin feeling so soft and glowing! I have to order more so I dont have to share with my husband! - Lucy

I don't know where to start with how amazing this Orange & Coconut body butter is.  Its so moisturising, sinks into the skin straight away...and my favourite leaves an amazing healthy glow on my skin.  Don't think twice, just buy it, you won't be disappointed!  I'll be coming back for more - Linda

I got my product a few days ago & I love it.  The texture, scent and the way my skin looks so shiny, its the best for this winter weather.  Thank you Butterflyy Bliss, i'm really enjoying my cream and will definitely be ordering again - Shan

Got my custom body butter a few days ago. Smells and feels amazing - Emma

I bought some Coconut bodywash and oh my goodness!!!!  My skin is so soft!!!!!!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!  Ladies, you need this bodywash in your life - Julia

I won my product on an Instagram giveaway and I can honestly say, this is the best body butter I’ve ever used (and I’ve used a lot!). I suffer from really dry skin in the winter months, especially my elbows and shins, this body butter has done wonders - my skin is nourished and hydrated and without any nasty, hidden chemicals in sight. Will definitely be ordering more when this starts to run low - Joanne

Love, love, love the products that I ordered!

My favourite has to be the Coconut Scrub.  I'm all for everything as natural as possible and these products don't disappoint, and a little of them go a LONG way.  Even my son can't get enough of them!

The Orange & Coconut body butter feels heavenly on going on my super sensitive skin.  Although orange is not my favourite scent, it doesn't take away from the actual product when it goes on my skin.  Just a tiny amount massaged into the skin on my arm felt like absolute bliss.  Now everywhere I massage it into...arms & legs, leaves my skin feeling fabulous, and don't get me started on how amazing they smell.

I highly recommend these products - Trevlyn

It's these WOW moments that sets a business apart from its competitors.  I made an order with Butterflyy Bliss for little sweet smelling delights to add into gift bags for an event I had coming up.  Not only did they arrive ahead of time, but it came with a gift bag for me too.  Wow!  I love supporting small businesses and watching them soar.  Butterflyy Bliss is one to watch - Althea, Roots Pod Academy (

I'm a product junkie.  I have literally used hundreds of products, but these are by far the best.  This brand is even better than Lush, and no I'm not being paid to say that.  I use the Coconut Sugar scrub to exfoliate and I have two of the body butters that I use for my face and body.  Honestly all year I've been using them, both here and abroad, and they've really made my whole body glow, and replaced my foundation and concealer.  As long as they're distributing, I'm using.  A black female owned business that creates completely natural products. - Stushie, aka Miss Reggae Gold

I bought the yummy, handmade, all natural Mojito Mix gift set for my niece, but I'm thinking of taking it back for myself, lol.  Delivery was fast, all packaged nicely and it smells gorgeous. - Sophie

As they say the proof is in the pudding.  This is my 7yr old son's back.  He came to me saying his back was itching, when I lifted his top, I was greeted with the top left picture.  I used the body butter, a bit more generously than usual, on him twice a day, and the picture on the right shows his back less than a week later - Candice

Well what can l say!!

I absolutely love, love, love all the wonderful products l have just ordered and received from Butterflyy Bliss!!

The Coconut & Lime sugar scrub is to die for!! It leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturised and smells divine!!

And the Mango & Coconut body butter is just absolutely gorgeous!! The wonderful smell it leaves on your body once its applied stays on your skin all day!!!!

Unfortunately for me my daughter has taken a liking to my products and has started using my stash!!! Cheeky

I love these products so much that l am going to host a pamper party so that my friends and family can experience what I've been raving about!!


I love the Traditional Body Butter and the Super Glowy products. My skin feels luxurious for the entire day. The feeling is enhanced by the fact that I know the products are pretty pure. Wish I had had things like this growing up...perhaps if we all did there wouldn't be as much cell mutation and cancer...
Thank you for sending the items so quickly and for the loyalty discount. Much appreciated. - 

The Coconut Plum Lip Balm size was a lot bigger than I was expecting, so that was already an added bonus!  My issue with lip balms has always been that they tend to just sit on my lips, but this one was totally different, as it really feels like my lips are being moisturised.  Love it! - Rena

I am so grateful for the delivery this week. Amidst all the COVID-19 madness, Butterflyy bliss still got my lovely products to me within a reasonable time scale. My delivery this time was a range of samples for my friends and family who are attending my virtual pamper birthday party, so it was important for me to get these on time and I know Candace worked hard to get them to me so I am very thankful. When they arrived they were beautifully presented and I got a lovely bag too. Thank you! Will be back again soon to replenish my supplies. - Nicole

I love, love, love the products I bought and enjoy using them.  Your products make me feel lovely and was actually recommended to me by my daughter, who first gave me your products as a birthday gift.  I will definitely be purchasing more.  Thank you for doing what you do and keep doing what you are doing. - Sharon 

I bought the Gingerwood Massage Oil as a gift for a friend who has a cupping and massage therapy business.  He absolutely loved it and combined with other gifts I got for him, he was very moved.  He plans on buying more from Butterflyy Bliss as will I. - Mr Blackwood

The Citrus Scrub is the real deal!!  My skin never came out the shower so smooth and glistening.  I used it on the bottom of my feet and the miracle that ensued is amazing.
Thank you.
- Amanda

I had a home pamper session with the Butterflyy Bliss bath bombs, Lime & Coconut Body Scrub, and then finished it all off with the Mango & Coconut Body Butter, and I am absolutely positive, that I am no edible.  The oils, the scents, how my skin felt after was amazing. Not only that, it made me feel so good and relaxed after what had been a tiring week. - Keisha 

Your products are gorgeous and awesome and never irritate my skin. I am about to have some treatment which could affect my skin tone and texture and the doctors have said I need to moisturise more to counteract this.  So, I will be using my Butterflyy Bliss body creams as well as what they recommend or maybe instead of what they recommend!!

I know my beautiful black skin will stay beautiful by using my Butterflyy Bliss body cream. - Sharon

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