The perfect skincare essentials kit for either yourself or someone special to you.


A complete natural skincare kit that will pamper to every part of your body.  Use this set as part of your everyday skincare routine, or as a regular self-care pampering treat.  Either way it's sure to have your skin looking & feeling fabulous, glowing and at its absolute best.


Butterflyy Bliss essentials set has everyting you need for healthy soft skin.  All of our body scrubs exfoliate skin to get rid of those dry, dead flaky cells that leave  it looking dull and dry.  Depending on your mood, follow it up with any of our body butters or body oils to keep skin moisturised.  Finished off beautifully with any of our lip scrubs & lip balms that will have your lips soft, supple and smooth.  


1 x150ml Body Scrub (Of your choice)

1 x200ml Body Butter (Of your choice)

1 x100ml Body Oil (Of your choice)

1 x60ml Lip Scrub (Of your choice)

1 x30ml Lip Balm (Of your choice)

1 x50ml Miniature Body Scrub or Body Butter (Of your choice)

Butterflyy Bliss Essentials Set